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EVH MXR Eddie Van Halen Signature Flanger 2021

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$279.00 CAD

The EVH Flanger meets Edward Van Halen’s demanding specs and requirements. Please take a minute to read through this manual so you can get the most out of your EVH Flanger.

“It’s part of my sound and it’s on tons of our stuff. I’ve used it with a guitar, (Unchaine, Hear about it later) electric piano, (And the Cradle will Rock) synths ( Sunday afternoon in the park) it’s simple, powerful, consistent, reliable and a very distinct sound. A true stomp box”.

Four different parameters for precise fine-tuning
EVH switch engages “Unchained” flanger tone
Custom EVH paint job
The EVH Flanger is powered by two 9 volt batteries (accessed through the bottom of the pedal), an 18 volt AC adapter such as the Dunlop ECB004/ECB004EU, or a DC Brick™ power supply
Input Impedance 470 kO
Output Impedance 1 kO
Signal to Noise* >98 dB
Noise Reduction 2:1 ratio
Max Delay 12.8 ms
Rate Range 0.1 Hz to 10 Hz
Bypass Hardwire
Current Draw 35 mA
Power Supply 9 volts DC