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MXR CSP038 Brown Acid Fuzz

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$199.00 CAD
This limited edition fuzz box delivers vintage UK-style saturation with a simple three-knob interface for guitar and bass players who like it low, slow, and heavy.

The MXR Brown Acid Fuzz delivers psychedelic silicon saturation to guitar and bass players who like it low, slow, and heavy. Based on a classic 1970s UK fuzz circuit, this pedals simple three-knob interface allows you to plug in and tune out in no time at all.

Dial in the Output, Tone, and Fuzz controls to set the mood, and then let the heaviness flow forth as the world around you melts into a fuzzy, synesthetic convergence of colors and sounds. Whether you want to ride droning power chord currents across the universe or summon burly grooves at an ancient altar, this pedal has all you need for your musical invocations.

• OUTPUT knob sets overall volume of effect
• TONE knob controls overall EQ
• FUZZ knob controls intensity of fuzz
• FOOTSWITCH toggles effect on/bypass (blue LED indicates on)

Input Impedance: 40 KΩ
Output Impedance: < 110 kΩ
Noise Floor: -79 dBV
Gain Range: 20 dB to 57 dB @ 1 kHz
Bypass: True Hardwire
Current Draw: 2.6 mA
Power Supply: 9V DC